… pregnant, and in need of pregnancy support or encouragement?

You are in the right place!

… because here you will find real stories, where

despair is turned to hope
desperation is turned into possibility
and fear into love

So whether you feel too young to be a mum,
feel that the timing is wrong,
are unsure how you will support yourself and a baby,
feel that a baby would interfere with your plans,
don’t have a reliable partner or family,
are pregnant with a baby that has medical problems,
have problems with your own health,
or for whatever reason are thinking ‘I can’t do this!’

… it may help to know that we have been there,
have persevered, and have come out happy on the other side.

You don’t need to feel alone!

Even though you may feel you have no one supporting you, you do

… because we are here, giving each other the pregnancy support, hope, courage and respect that we need as women and mothers to persevere. We are witnesses to the fact that going through the difficulties was in every way worth it. That every day it’s worth it! And there are no regrets, only a deep, real, and lasting gratitude.


… have a story of overcoming obstacles in a crisis pregnancy?

We would love to hear it!

Going through feelings of doubt and fear when carrying another human being is heart-wrenching. But we can lighten the load for each other and provide for each other pregnancy support by sharing our experiences. It may just make all the difference to another mother and her baby.

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