A small thing with great love

It was a hot summer day in January 1999 when my world froze… The pregnancy test flashed positive for the 3rd time. I’ll never forget the sheer panic and terror of those first few weeks. I was in an unstable relationship, part way through uni, completely broke and disappointed in

Dear Samuel

When we were in hospital, there was a quote I read often that said…. “Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it”. Well my sweet little boy, you collected more scars than any of us in your short

Happy Choices

 When I was 17, and in my last year of school I fell pregnant to my 18
year old boyfriend. We had been dating for over a year but I’d never really
expected we would be together forever or anything. At the time I hadn’t even
met his parents. They were from Pakistan

New Beginnings

I was a new mum, with a 6 week old baby boy, and my husband
was going to a stressful time at work. At the time I was adjusting to my new life
as a mother and trying to figure out newborn baby stuff – my son seemed to have
a lactose intelorance,


was hanging washing on the line when it happened. A gush of liquid between my
legs, enough to soak through to my shorts. I was 15 weeks pregnant and it
puzzled me. I had two boys, 4 and 2 years old, so I should have known enough
about pregnancy to realise what had


In mid 2016, my husband and I had a surprise positive
pregnancy test.

With four boisterous  kids already (1 girl and 3 very lively boys), and my
husband having adamantly voiced numerous times that our family was 100%
complete, it came as quite a shock to both of us. Hubby struggled to get

The Beautiful Unknown

My name is Rita, I’ve been married for 35 years to my
husband Michael and we have 10 children. I’ve also had 5 miscarriages. When we
were first married, I didn’t think I would be able to fall pregnant, because it
didn’t happen straight away and you expect that it will. When I

A Beautiful Baby

It was not long after we arrived in Australia that I became pregnant. We already had two children and my husband told me ‘I don’t want more children, two is enough… you need to have an abortion or I will leave you.’ I cried in desperation. I didn’t want to

The best things in life

In El Salvador, where I was born, there is a saying that ‘Every baby comes with a loaf of bread under their arm’. It sounds silly in English, but basically it means that every baby comes bringing joy to the family, and there is no need to worry about how

My baby, my inspiration

My inspiration for this site is my daughter Sarai, my first child, who was born at 22 weeks and did not survive the delivery.

When I fell pregnant with Sarai I’d been married for seven months and was so happy and excited about the pregnancy. But at 17 weeks, in the