A small thing with great love

It was a hot summer day in January 1999 when my world froze… The pregnancy test flashed positive for the 3rd time. I’ll

Dear Samuel

When we were in hospital, there was a quote I read often that said…. “Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s

Happy Choices

 When I was 17, and in my last year of school I fell pregnant to my 18
year old boyfriend. We had been dating

New Beginnings

I was a new mum, with a 6 week old baby boy, and my husband
was going to a stressful time at work. At


was hanging washing on the line when it happened. A gush of liquid between my
legs, enough to soak through to my shorts. I


In mid 2016, my husband and I had a surprise positive
pregnancy test.

With four boisterous  kids already (1 girl and 3 very lively