are-you … pregnant, and in need
of pregnancy support or encouragement?

If your answer is yes

… you are in the right place! Because here you will find real stories which will inspire you and fill you with HOPE.
They are stories of women like you, who have OVERCOME obstacles of all sorts.
So whether you feel too young to be a mum,
are not sure how you will be able to SUPPORT yourself and a baby,
don’t have a RELIABLE partner or family,
are pregnant with a baby that has MEDICAL problems,
or for whatever reason are thinking ‘I can’t do this!’

… it may help to know that others have been there, have persevered,
and have come out HAPPY on the other side.

I feel passionate about this because of my experience with my first child

… my baby Sarai, who was born at 22 weeks and passed away. Having seen how perfectly developed and complete she was, with her own UNIQUE features, and having spent a minute with her while she was still alive, instilled in me the realisation that a life, however young is priceless.

In my heart I questioned how I would ever know for sure whether the doctor was right, if I chose to induce the labour and in the process, speed up my daughter’s death. She was still alive, her heart was beating in my womb.

You may feel you have no one supporting you, but you do

… because we are here, giving each other the hope, courage and respect that we need as women and mothers to PERSEVERE. We are witnesses to the fact that going through the difficulties was in every way worth it. And there are no regrets, only a deep, real, and lasting GRATITUDE.

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are-you… a first-time expectant mother, and wonder what life with children will look like?

You’re invited to read a daily account of some of the precious moments I share with my children. I am recording these moments for myself, for them, and also for those of you who wonder how motherhood will ENRICH your life…

do-you… have a story of overcoming obstacles in a crisis pregnancy?

We would love to hear it!

Going through feelings of doubt and fear when carrying another human being is heart-wrenching. But we can lighten the load for each other by SHARING our experiences. It may just make all the difference to another mother and her baby.

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