A Beautiful Baby

It was not long after we arrived in Australia that I became pregnant. We already had two children and my husband told me ‘I don’t want more children, two is enough… you need to have an abortion or I will leave you.’ I cried in desperation. I didn’t want to have an abortion, but I also didn’t want to be left alone with three children, without a job, and knowing very little English. I prayed a lot, and begged God to help me. My husband came back home one day, asked for a day off from work, and took me to the nearest city (we lived in a small town). He brought me to the abortion clinic. When my turn came, I entered the consultation room and the doctor asked me ‘Would you like to terminate this pregnancy?’ ‘NO.’ I replied. The doctor did not perform the procedure, as it was against my will…. At discovering this, my husband became furious!!… but I remained pregnant. God listened to my prayers – I continued with the pregnancy, and my husband did not leave me. At 9 months, I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, he was such a blessing. And when my husband set eyes on him he said, ‘this is a beautiful baby.’

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