These stories are for those of you who are in difficult pregnancy situations, because pregnant women should all be given the support and respect that they need as women and mothers. So for you who are looking for love and encouragement wherever you can find it, this is the place.

Happy choices

When I was 17, and in my last year of school I fell pregnant to my 18 year old boyfriend. We had been

New beginning

I was a new mum, with a 6 week old baby boy…
and my husband was going to a stressful time at work. At


I was hanging washing on the line when it happened. A gush of liquid between my legs, enough to soak through to my

The Beautiful Unknown

My name is Rita, I’ve been married for 35 years to my husband Michael and we have 10 children. I’ve also had 5

A beautiful baby

It was not long after we arrived in Australia that I became pregnant. We already had two children and my husband told me


This is PAULA and SAMUEL’S story…
In mid 2016, my husband and I had a surprise positive pregnancy test. With four boisterous kids already

The best things in life

In El Salvador, where I was born, there is a saying that ‘Every baby comes with a loaf of bread under their arm’.

My baby, my inspiration

My inspiration for this site is my daughter Sarai, my first child, who was born at 22 weeks and did not survive the