A small thing with great love

It was a hot summer day in January 1999 when my world froze… The pregnancy test flashed positive for the 3rd time. I’ll never forget the sheer panic and terror of those first few weeks. I was in an unstable relationship, part way through uni, completely broke and disappointed in myself.

How could I have let this happen and what was I going to do?

One evening, my Nonna came to visit me and did a ‘small thing with great love’. She sat down silently beside me and simply held my hand while I sobbed and poured out my heart. Eventually, she began to speak in her broken english – ‘You can do this, it’s ok’ and in that moment my heart started singing…‘Maybe I can do this!’.

The next 9 months were hard, scary & lonely but when my son Finn was born, everyone (even those who couldn’t bring themselves to speak to me for the whole pregnancy) erupted with pure joy. It turned out that what I thought was the end of my world was actually the most beautiful, grace-filled event of my life.

Today, I lead a national pregnancy help network (Pregnancy Help Australia) in the hope that every mama-to-be (regardless of the circumstances) can receive real love, help, encouragement and connection to a community who know what it’s like to experience a ‘surprise’ and/or difficult pregnancy and come out the other side.

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